Terms & Conditions

The goal of our community is to give you a place to collaborate with other customers of SignalFx, to hear more about what we are doing and give you a place to share your ideas. To ensure an enjoyable, and respectful, environment for all members we put together a basic code of conduct we expect all members to follow.

By joining the SignalFx Customer Community you agree you are an active customer of SignalFx and will adhere to the following Terms & Conditions:

The first rule of the community is you do not talk about the community. OK, we’re kidding about this, but really we want to foster a collaborative environment built on trust so please do not share sensitive information from within the community with outside parties. What happens in the community, stays in the community.

Like Aretha says, we need R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Be respectful and considerate of each other. This includes not using insulting or abusive language and giving each other the benefit of the doubt. Assume everyone is well-intentioned and isn’t here to disparage anyone’s ideas or work. We will remove any posts, or comments, that are deemed offensive, obscene or insulting or contain inappropriate content of any kind. This community is built to support each other and all contributions should be positive and suitable for all members.

Be honest and transparent, but keep personal, private or company confidential data out of the community. Please do not publicly share phone numbers, email addresses or other contact information.

Contribute Early. Contribute Often. You will get out of the community what you put in to it, so please share ideas, ask questions and help others where you can. This community is built for your benefit so please be an active member and contribute frequently and collaborate often.

We don't want to have to do this, but if you do not follow these Terms & Conditions, we will remove you from the community for the safety and well-being of the other members. If you find content or behavior that is not aligned with these guidelines please let us know immediately via direct message within the community so we can rectify the situation.

Please enjoy your time in our community. We hope you are able to learn a lot and make strong, lasting connections with your fellow community members!